Variety Catalogue updated 2020.pdf Variety Catalogue updated 2020.pdf
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Varietal Update

Grillo is no longer available from VAMVVIA as it has been confirmed as Slankamenka by DNA testing. For more information on this matter see the Slankamenka statement put out by VAMVVIA.

Slankamenka Statement Nov 2015.pdf Slankamenka Statement Nov 2015.pdf
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Virus Testing

Selected rootstock and scion varieties are virus tested each year.  In addition we can organize the testing of specific varieties at the clients expense. This service is available for both viruses and trunk diseases. These tests would be sent to either SA or VIC and further details on the cost and range of tests available can be found using the following contact details: 

South Australia: Waite Diagnostics

 Victoria: AgriBio  Crop Health Services - Department of Environment and Primary Industries - Telephone: (03) 9032 7326